Lax 4 Life

Lax 4 Life 

With the support of all Players, Parents and Coaches who join Sandy Spring Lacrosse Club, our mission here at Lax 4 Life is to teach youth age girls in grades 2 through 8 the game of Lacrosse -- and at the same time teach and encourage good sportsmanship and fair play throughout the season at every practice and every game. Lax 4 Life is committed to the fundamental development of character, integrity and sportsmanship and believes an educational experience can result from every athletic contest. 
Under the guidelines of Sandy Spring Lacrosse Club, our Coaches are there to instill in all Players the elements of fairness, self-control, teamwork and courtesy -- and not only respect for the rules of the game but also for all other Players on the same and opposing teams, as well as all officials in the sport.
  • Provide a positive, fun-filled and exciting experience for all players.
  • Teach players the skills, rules, strategy and discipline of Lacrosse and encourage good sportsmanship, self-confidence and teamwork.
  • Build character by offering a team experience, stressing skill development and a positive attitude -- regardless of winning or losing.
  • Promote healthy and safe physical activity for all participants.
We want to provide a learning experience for both Lacrosse skills and sportsmanship.  We expect that our Coaches and Parents will not only teach good Sportsmanship to their players but also lead by example during all games.  The playing experience for everyone is improved when all rules and the philosophy of our program is adhered to.

With LAX 4 LIFE Lacrosse -- at the start of and throughout every practice and every game -- this is: